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Glass doors add value (& yes, they can be outfitted with electronic locks!)

2018-12-10 Security
SALTO smart glass door solutions

Transparent glass cannot be wired for electronic locks which, in the past, has been a barrier to incorporating an electronic access control system. This, however, is no longer the case – which gives hospitality additional options in providing aesthetically-pleasing security for guest services doors, meeting rooms, amenities like spas and much more.

Glass doors provide an elegance and a cleanliness that can complement and improve the décor in any hotel. Despite the fact that glass partitions and doors allow everyone to see what’s going on in the room – and lets those inside see what everyone outside is doing, too – they also provide greater privacy in terms of soundproofing.

SALTO is dedicated to developing the smartest access control for anydoor. Our solutions are designed to adapt to existing installations, no matter the application or the kind of door. The SALTO XS4 glass door electronic lock exclusive design is compatible with most commonly-used glass doors, making it possible to leverage the advantages of electronic access control with a quick and wire-free installation and without compromising your building’s aesthetics. Doors can be single or double-glazed and come with a range of ironmongery options.

SALTO smart glass door solutions solve any hotel space planning challenges, including the need to have meeting rooms or working spaces accessible both for guests and staff, creating secure and flexible work and co-living spaces with a variety of interior glass doors.

We’re excited to help you maximize your glass door décor with the most technologically-advanced electronic access control solutions in the hospitality security market.