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Zoku is a place where you can live, work, relax and socialise. The Social Spaces are a great place to work, share a meal or meet kindred spirits. The Zoku rooms are flexible home/office hybrids, also suitable for long stays, made for mobile professionals to live comfortably and work efficiently.

SALTO’s products are the perfect fit for our hotel. They align with our spirit of modernity, design and flexibility, providing us and our guest with cutting-edge mobile access technology.


De quoi avaient-ils besoin?

When ZOKU decided to open their first hotel in Amsterdam, they were looking for a locking solution which would satisfy their guests and all the needs they would have as business travelers. Having different types of areas to control and offering personal services, such as private meeting rooms, they had to be able to grant access to certain parts of the hotel to certain guests only. By combining SALTO electronic locks, ProAccess SPACE software and the JustIN mobile app, they have found the solution they needed.


Avantages clé

ProAccess SPACE includes functionalities such as mobile keys (BLE), group check-in, real-time re-rooming and real-time extended stay. By using the software in combination with the guest mobile app, users can book meeting spaces, services or extend their stay instantly. If a meeting takes more time than expected or a flight is delayed they can enjoy their stay longer at the hotel. Their keys are updated and the access rights extended for a few hours or more if needed.

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