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Located in one of the most historical sites in American history ― where the Founding Fathers met to plan independence from Great Britain ― the Hilton Boston Downtown Faneuil Hall is housed in a 1920’s Art Deco skyscraper that is just minutes from Logan International Airport and the area’s most popular attractions. With more than 400 guest rooms and 23 meeting rooms, this popular hotel provides modern comfort amid a rich history. The Hilton Boston Downtown Faneuil Hall may be steeped in history and tradition, but it’s well ahead of its time when it comes to securing the thousands of guests that pass through its doors each year.

The SALTO system is super intuitive without any real learning curve. Guests, staff, and vendors have adapted without any significant instruction.


Building Maintenance Engineer


De quoi avaient-ils besoin?

The Hilton Boston Downtown Faneuil Hall had an established and strong security solution that consisted of door locks which were controlled by access cards with magnetic stripes, as well as some doors that were still managed by traditional “hard” keys. As technology in the security industry evolved, however, Slishman and the leadership team wanted to implement a lock solution that would remove the reliance on hard keys, wiring to the doors, and the aging magnetic stripe system. After researching what company could provide the technologically advanced solution the Hilton Boston Downtown Faneuil Hall security team sought, they chose world-class access control provider SALTO Systems to deploy an upgraded electronic lock system.


Avantages clé

Electronic Locks Managed by a Virtual Network with no hard keys or wires to the door. Hilton Boston Downtown Faneuil chose to install SALTO’s GEO Cylinder and XS4 escutcheon locks on all public and back-of-house doors throughout the property and to manage the system via the innovative SALTO Virtual Network (SVN).

SVN allows stand-alone locks to read, receive, and write information via an encrypted and secure data-on-card system that utilizes the capabilities of RFID read/write technology. With SVN, all access data is stored on and distributed by its operating smartcard (or other RFID device). When presenting a smartcard to an offline stand-alone door, not only does this control access rights to that door but, thanks to two-way communication, the door also writes data like blacklist information or battery status back to the smartcard. The smartcard then transmits this information back to the server via online wall readers that are able to update and receive information from the cards anytime and anywhere in the building. SALTO’s XS4 GEO electronic locks provide a totally wire-free solution for the Hilton Boston Downtown Faneuil Hall that is networked through the SVN and SALTO’s Wireless network. SALTO’s XS4 escutcheons are a solid choice that ensure that doors are correctly locked and secure.

The next big step for the hotel’s access control system will be providing guests the option to unlock their room door ― and more ― with their smartphone, said Slishman. By the end of 2016, the Hilton Boston Downtown Faneuil Hall will go live with Hilton’s Digital Key application which allows guests to check in, enter their room, and check out with their smartphone. The Hilton Digital Key program will be implemented at the Hilton Boston Downtown Faneuil Hall as a result of an integration with SALTO between the system’s hardware and software.

Slishman said he is pleased they chose SALTO to provide the hotel their lock and access control solution as it has helped them deliver a most secure atmosphere which enhances the guest experience and builds upon Hilton’s reputation of excellence.

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