SALTO’s inRoomNode Connects Smart Locks to the Guest Room Ecosystem Giving Hotel Operators More Efficiency and Control

2020-02-06 Product news
 Connects Smart Locks to the Guest Room Ecosystem Giving Hotel Operators More Efficiency and Control

SALTO’s inRoomNode is a smart peripheral device that connects SALTO electronic smart door locks to the guest room ecosystem, allowing hotel operators the capability to improve the guest experience via more efficient and “smart” hotels.

By connecting to the Guest Room Management Systems (GRMS) panel, the SALTO inRoomNode allows hotels to upgrade locks to wireless functionality. This provides advanced guest features and online access control functionality without additional infrastructure, quick and easy deployment reducing total cost of ownership for the hotel.

The inRoomNode integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of SALTO wireless enable locks that bring intelligent and dependable automation for guest rooms and operating enhancements that provide the most reliable, cost-effective, and technologically-advanced wireless guest room system for Hospitality market.


Partnerships with leading GRMS market providers

As an access control technology provider at the forefront, SALTO works with other industry leaders to provide the most comprehensive, technology-advanced solutions available. The SALTO inRoomNode platform integrates with a wide range of products serving hospitality and diverse markets including Interel, Telkonet, VDA, and Incom by Honeywell.


SALTO GRMS Technology Partners

How does SALTO’s inRoomNode work?

The inRoomNode sends live updates of room status from the door lock to the front desk. This gives hotel front desk staff the functionality of real-time door monitoring, showing which guestroom door is opened at what time.

Because the electronic locks are on the GRMS, other system functions – like lighting, temperature, and entertainment systems – can be controlled to work in conjunction with when the room is occupied or vacant. This can help hotels to save a tremendous amount of cost. Energy usage is one of the highest operating expenses the hotel industry incurs and remains the second-largest cost hotels have to contend with. On average, 90 percent of wasted electricity usage comes from the guestroom, which can be a property’s most unmanaged resource. Conservation is quickly becoming the cheapest and easiest solution to the problem.


Advanced technology that relies on SALTO’s original innovation

SALTO BLUEnet Wireless has been developed to meet the highest demands related to security and ease of use. SALTO BLUEnet can be installed as an independent system or can complement SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) in areas of a hotel where real-time

control is required. The SALTO BLUEnet Wireless engine allows the operator to monitor live access control events and provides the ability to unlock doors, change opening mode, activate a lockdown, monitor live door status, or change physical access rules in the access plan, all wirelessly and in real-time.

SALTO inRoomNode to upgrade locks to wireless functionality

  • Control and management of all access points remotely and in real-time from one or more administrator workstation.
  • With a single click of the mouse, the network can be configured and changes made in real time including the ability to open doors remotely; emergency remote opening/locking; change door opening function mode; and room status monitoring.
  • Real-time re-rooming or extended stay.
  • Ability to cancel keys instantly after notice of loss, increasing staff and guest security and peace of mind. Each key is cancelled automatically after every check out.

The new inRoomNode is just the latest in SALTO’s efforts to provide hospitality with comprehensive, affordable, and technologically-advanced electronic access control solutions.

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