SALTO XS4 One DIN expands lock options for European hospitality market

2018-09-11 Product news

In addition to the wide variety of SALTO options for hospitality guest and meeting rooms like the sleek Ælement Fusion, the XS4 One DIN electronic escutcheon helps contribute to a comprehensive electronic access control solution for any European hotel, lodging property, cruises, resort and more. The strengths of the XS4 One DIN – including easy installation and the ability to be mounted on a wide variety of doors without wiring, drilling or complicated retrofitting – make it perfect for back-of-house operations where any electronic lock is needed.

Because an installer uses the existing rosette drilling holes, the XS4 One DIN can be used on fire and smoke protection doors without losing fire rating and certification. And doors equipped with the XS4 One DIN can always be opened from the inside and thus comply with EN 179/1125 standards. Thanks to its robust construction, the escutcheon is suitable not only for standard doors but also for high traffic entrance doors, too.

Innovation is at the forefront with the XS4 One DIN which is compatible with MIFARE DESFire EV1 identification technologies and incorporates Bluetooth Smart (BLE) and Near Field Communication (NFC). This collection of technological compatibility enables easy integration of hotel management and staff security needs into a single security credential. Contactless RFID cards and key fobs – as well as smartphones with mobile keys – can all be used to open doors outfitted with the XS4 One DIN.

The XS4 One DIN is fully integrated into SALTO ProAccess SPACE access control management software and therefore works smoothly with the variety of SALTO’s other technology platforms: the patented Data-on-Card SALTO Virtual Network (SVN), the innovative SALTO BLUEnet wireless network and the popular SALTO JustIN Mobile application.

The XS4 One DIN includes electronic "do not disturb" function as well as a mechanical override function. It’s compatible with a wide range of DIN mortise locks and handles, including those from third-party manufacturers. The XS4 One DIN is available in a variety of models: a black or white reader housing with a choice of three finishes including satin stainless steel, polished stainless steel and a BioCote antimicrobial coating finish.

As is the case with all SALTO products, the XS4 One DIN’s electronic locking technology leverages industry-leading security practices – including advanced encryption – to provide users a secure keyless and mobile experience. For added protection, users’ access plans are updated daily, thanks to SVN.

The SALTO XS4 One DIN is just the latest innovation from SALTO that assists hospitality management in successfully implementing a comprehensive, smooth-running access control solution that exceeds the needs of both guest and back-of-house operations.


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Rob Zijl

Rob Zijl