Incorporating mobile access into your premises safely

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Mobile Access Credentials

Incorporating mobile access into your premises without jeopardizing security is crucial to maintain safety. Flexibility is also crucial because users may not be using mobile credentials. Being able to mix and match systems, hardware and credentials is a must and is offer by SALTO.

Traditionally, check-in process requires going to the front desk, showing ID and providing a credit card for room charges. Once guests are identified and all of their questions are answered, they’re provided with a plastic keycard and pointed towards the elevators or led to their room.

For the Hospitality market, SALTO has developed specific add-ons, which allow hotel clients to control all their access, and guest management easily needs with one wire-free, easy-to-use system. SALTO suits all sizes and types of hotels, providing an optimal guest experience and the best utilization of a hotel’s rooms, suites and meeting space infrastructure.

When guests arrive at a hotel, they want to check-in quickly and make the best of their time, either for professional purposes or leisure. That means all the steps of the check-in process need to work flawlessly, from issuing a key to the guest to them being able to access their room, swimming pool, spa or other amenities.

The intuitive SALTO JustIN Mobile app communicates securely via the Cloud and enables guests to receive a room key online, anytime and anywhere. When guests arrive at your hotel, they can choose to go straight to their room and receive their key on their phone, or they can ask for assistance at reception. It is their choice.

Technologically cutting-edge, SALTO JustIN Mobile technology means the end of lost key hassles, expense and waste. Plus, the technology isn’t limited to hotel rooms – it can also be used on main entrance doors, elevators, car park barriers, meeting rooms, etc.


    SALTO JustIN Mobile technology

  • One device convenience: Leverage the fact that mobile phones become a more and more integral part of our lives.
  • Guest experience: Provide your guests with a hotel experience they value and want to repeat by facilitating their check-in without sacrificing their security and comfort.
  • Lost credential: Since smartphones have such a great place in daily activities, they are well-taken care off and undoubtedly much more than a crucial temporary card.
  • Safe and straightforward: Increase security and prevent fraud by improving control of staff access and management of their access rights. Lost key instant cancellation for staff and guest’s safety and peace of mind. Automatic guest key cancellation after check out for increased security.
  • Reduce waste: As more users migrate to smartphone-based credentials, less financial resources will be needed to purchase key cards.
  • Staff & security operations: Dynamic staff key management. Automatic key renewal and cancellation. Cancel guest and staff keys, updating the lock’s blacklist through the user’s mobile.
  • Mobile Access Credentials: Valuable partnerships with reputable providers of Mobile App services for the hospitality industry. SALTO and our partners are driven by the opportunity for our hotel clients to provide a superior guest experience to their clients, whether by offering mobile functionalities or superior management standards.
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