Boutique hotel

The Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra is a boutique hotel in San Sebastián, Spain. Luxury, modern facilities and a high level of service make this historic building one of the best hotels in San Sebastián city centre. Hotel de Londres started its journey over 100 years ago and has seen firsthand the changes in the city of Donostia San Sebastián, from La Belle Epoque to nowadays. The Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra is a 4-star luxury hotel with a beachfront location, offering you the most amazing views.

With a simple click, it is possible to grant access to new guests, assign them a room or control the doors in real-time. We now have special rooms equipped with a technology accessible for all.


What did they need?

They needed not only secure guests rooms, but also to manage and control external and back-of-house doors. A management and operation system providing full control of who can access what, when and where. Also, a system capable of integrating access control with closed-circuit television, alarm, assistance or other hotel management systems. In addition, the Hotel de Londres y de Inglaterra, luxury four-star hotel located right in front of the beach of La Concha and offering a stunning view on the sea, needed electronic locks providing cutting-edge technology, wireless technology and design.


Key benefits

The technology with which the Hotel de Londres has been equipped was designed specifically for the hotel sector. This range of wireless solutions is the most flexible and complete on the market. All the aspects have been designed taking into account the needs of the hotel industry. Focusing on this market, SALTO offers a completely integrated solution in real-time. It offers hotels the best security in the smallest reader on the market, by means of a stylish locking system, which is energy efficient and entirely wireless. It is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in the center of San Sebastián.

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