Boutique hotel

The Tire Station a 112-bedroom stylish eco designer hotel close to the city’s Vondelpark, is a winner of the Entree Awards 2017 Best Hotel Concept. It got its name of ‘The Tire Station’ thanks to the buildings former life - it used to be the local Michelin Tire Station.

As a sustainable hotel it incorporates a number of nature friendly features. These include a green roof which supports a diverse range of plant life, solar panels and sources to harness energy from wind as well as water. For the latter, it has its own ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) underground water supply which harnesses naturally occurring warm water found many metres below the city.

Rooms come in a variety of styles to suit every taste and these, together with a host of additional features, are guaranteed to leave every guest feeling relaxed, rested and refreshed and definitely not ‘tired’.

“Now it’s easy, quick and secure for guests and staff to access rooms, and that’s what we like about our new SALTO system. As we have a hotel, restaurant, patisserie, meeting room and our office all under one roof, we need to control who can enter which space and keep it all safe.”

Jan Sistermans

Head of Operations Conscious Hotels


What did they need?

Finding a room lock that could work with the technologies already installed at the hotel was a prime concern. Many manufacturers’ offerings were simply not up to the job. This led them to SALTO, world leaders in wire free and wireless access control technology. After explaining their needs and objectives, SALTO with an acknowledged reputation as the leading manufacturers of advanced security solutions for the hotel and hospitality industry, recommended their Aelement electronic lock as the ideal solution for the task.


Key benefits

AElement electronic hotel lock has been developed with the needs of hotels in mind. It features a range of hospitality-specific applications including the ability to control the security of the entire hotel from a single location. This includes granting access privileges to individual guest rooms and gathering audit trail data from every door in real time, all without leaving the front desk. Other benefits for the hotel include instant room move and instant extended stay abilities as well as lost card cancellation, intrusion alarm, alarm, remote opening, real time audit trail, passage mode activation for meeting rooms and automated low battery reporting.

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