SALTO’s Wireless solution brings real-time 2-way encrypted communication between our wireless locks and the operator. Beyond the real-time benefits that come from being wireless, the system includes SVN technology allowing the locks and the cards to communicate.

Importantly, in the same installation, wire-free SVN locks and wireless locks can be combined to best meet each access point’s security needs with the entire system working under our ProAccess SPACE hotel management software.

Advanced contactless wireless locking solutions

SALTO’s Wireless solution brings real-time 2-way encrypted communication between our wireless hotel locks and the operator.

The advanced SALTO online wireless solution is the next step in battery operated access control. The wireless solution allows the locks and the system administrator to communicate with each other in real-time.

Battery powered

SALTO wireless solution transfer the battery status from the lock to the user card and from the lock to the system administrator as a maintenance notification.

Presenting the guest smart card to a electronic lock:

  • Control access rights
  • Writes battery status back to the smart card
  • Wireless electronic lock transmits information back to the server

Live update of the room status and real-time door monitoring.

SALTO Wireless real-time is able to give a life update of the room status by sending the information from the door lock to the front-desk. The hotel front-desk staff has the function of real-time door monitoring what shows which room door is opened on which time.

Change guest's access plan in real-time or open remotely

With a single click of a mouse you can configure or make changes in real-time:

  • Change the guest's access plan in real-time
  • Ability to open the doors remotely
  • Emergency remote opening / locking
  • Change in real-time the opening function mode
  • Room status monitoring

Instant guest key cancellation and blacklisting

SALTO‘s wireless real-time solution is able to cancel the key instantly after notice of loss, this increases the staff and guest's security and their peace of mind. There is also directly after every check-out a key cancellation.


  • Key cancellation
  • Add or delete staff users remotley and in real-time
  • Instant extend stay

Guest room change in real-time

Wireless real-time includes functionalities such real-time re-rooming and real-time extended stay.

When a guest is not satisfied whit the room there can be a direct room change in real-time by cancelling the key for the first room and change it to another room. The room lock reads the quests´ card and only provides access rights to the new room.



With a single click of the mouse, the network can be configured and changes made in real-time.

  • Instant change of access rights
  • Temporary access to particular locks
  • Access event
  • Key cancellation.
  • Door monitoring.
  • Battery status.
  • Remote emergency opening.


  • Battery-powered electronic escutcheons connected via low-power radio transceivers (2.4 GHz)
  • Interaction with SALTO Gateways (connected via Ethernet/Wi-Fi to the central management computer)
  • Low set-up cost and maintenance reducing costs and time of installation.
  • Remotely administrate and manage maintenance opertations, reducing help desk calls and support overhead, optimising low battery warnings and door status messages.





  • Wireless system providing valuable information about rooms status
  • Daily reporting
  • Cleaning, problem or maintenance reporting


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