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SALTO uses RFID and NFC technologies which are both R&W (read write) technologies. In addition, SALTO by default incorporates data-on-card SVN (SALTO Virtual Network) technology into all locks to ensure that access is never compromised.

SALTO’s unique system offers stand-alone, networked and wireless solutions. A data-on-card-card-based system that allows the lock and the card to communicate via SVN. SALTO is a true Read & Write (R&W) solution.

Such a system allows stand-alone locks to upload, store and download the latest access information as guests and staff use their RFID cards throughout the hotel. The cancelled key list is updated, key cards are cancelled and audit trail reports are downloaded via this wire-free environment. In summary, SVN technology gives the hotel additional security and operating benefits compared to standard hotel locking systems.

True Read & Write (R&W) solution

SALTO offers a read&write card-based system that permits the room lock and the card to communicate via SALTO’s SVN data-on-card technology.

The room lock reads the guests and users’ access rights to open the door. Designed for use in hotels, SVN data-on-card enables guest & staff to work in a wire-free environment so there is no need to hard wire. SALTO offers a card-based system that permits the lock and the card to communicate via SVN. SALTO is a true Read & Write (R&W) solution.

Contactless card transmits to system via wired online point.

The lock transmits to the card the access events and the battery status.

The online SVN reader downloads all the guests and users’ card data and transfer to the system administrator.

Contactless card transmits to system via online point:

  • Guest / user access event
  • Visited door battery status

Wall reader transmits to guest / user card:

  • Deleted card list
  • Updated guest / user access rights
  • Expiry date renewal


Improving control of guest & staff access and management of their access rights

Denies opening, registers the attempt and automatic guest key cancellation after check out or key cancellation for increased security.

Guest card transmits to door lock:

  • Deleted cards list
  • User / guest access rights

Electronic lock transmits to guest card:

  • Access event
  • Battery status


Electronic locking maintenance made easy

To prolong battery life, the electronic lock is always sleeping until the guest or the user present his key on the lock reader. A orange light will flash indicating electronic lock has been awakened.

Transmission of battery status from the lock to the card...

...and from the card to the system administrator as a maintenance notification

The evolution of the guest experience

SALTO’s JustIN mobile technology allows guests to use their smartphone as their room key.

JustIN Mobile APP:
Guests select and open their room door. Automatically, the app sends confirmation to the front desk that the door has been opened, even for doors equipped with offline electronic locks.




  • Stand-alone, battery-operated electronic locks (No hardwire installation on doors).
  • Reduced costs and time of installation.
  • SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) alerts maintenance staff prior to battery replacement need.
  • Wide range of options; any door can be fitted with a SALTO solution.




  • Full control of Who can access What and When
  • Possible integration with CCTV, alarm, time and attendance, etc.
  • No need to physically visit doors
  • Automatic audit trail information download.
  • Automatic battery status report.





  • Improved security and fraud prevention thanks to anti-cloning protection.
  • Control of staff access and flexibility of credentials.
  • Automatic key cancellation after check-out.
  • Instant key cancellation after notice of loss, for guest’s security and peace of mind.