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When guests arrive at a hotel, they want to check in and get started on what they came to do: hang back and relax, or start in on work. That means that all the steps of the check in process need to work flawlessly, from issuing the guest card to guests being able to seamlessly access their room, pool area, spa or other amenities.

For the Hospitality market, SALTO has developed specific management software, which allow hotel clients to easily control all their access and guest management needs with one easy-to-use system. It suits hotels of all types and sizes, to provide an optimal guest experience and best utilization of a hotel’s rooms, suites and meeting space infrastructure.

Front desk management software

ProAccess SPACE

ProAccess SPACE’s hotel add-ons include functionalities such as mobile keys (BLE), group check-in, real-time re-rooming and real-time extended stay. These plus other key hotel features make it easy to control all the offline and online guest rooms and back-of-house doors from one central location.

ProAccess SPACE Front desk


ProAccess SPACE is compatible with most property management software (PMS) such as Micros FIDELIO, New Hotel, Protel, Infor, etc., and can also be used to manage SALTO Intelligent Energy Saving Devices (ESD).


Feature User friendly

User friendly

User-centred interface makes it simple and secure. Web-based intuitive software interface.

Feature Easy to mantain

Easy to maintain

Free update programme no install need and catered to your specific needs.

Feature User friendly


For use in any type of hotel, from those that need to control just a small number of rooms, up to the very largest resort based properties that need to control thousands. Running the same system on different front desk workstations is not a problem.

Feature User friendly


With ProAccess SPACE it’s easy to incorporate mobile access control for some or all of the guests  allows to use their smartphone as their room key. Can be used along with or as a replacement of RFID credentials.

Feature User friendly


Display what’s happening around your hotel and take control from the guest room to the rest of your property access points (Back-of-house and guest service doors) in a one single systems providing security and reliable access control 24/7 that covers the entire property.

Feature User friendly


SALTO ProAccess is a powerful and secure Hotels property Access Control management system designed to meet the front- and back-office needs of hotels as well as compatible with most property management software.