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AElement Fusion - ANSI -
AElement Fusion - ANSI -
AElement Fusion - ANSI -
AElement Fusion - ANSI -
AElement Fusion - ANSI -
AElement Fusion - ANSI -
AElement Fusion - ANSI -
AElement Fusion - ANSI -

Main features

  • Easy to maintain: Battery change is the only work needed.
  • Wire-free stand-alone networked system through SVN technology; SALTO Wireless online convertible.
  • Finishes of the mounting frames aligned with the handle finishes and available in brass (polished, satin and antique), chrome (satin and polished) and black.
  • Wide range of designer handles made by prestigious brands.
  • Readers’ body made using double-layered injection construction.
  • Clear dual color LED light (green/red) to indicate lock authorization or denial.
  • Coverage of a wide range of mainstream RFID brands allowing multi-application with third party systems using one card (e.g. cashless payment and T&A systems).
  • Compatibility of AElement contactless range with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that allows NFC enabled cell phones to open and control authorized access doors.
  • Encrypted and secure communication between the device and the electronic lock.
  • Electronic privacy function option through a “do not disturb” function, locking the door mechanically from the inside.
  • Mechanical privacy function option through inside locking push button.
  • Special blink and beep indication when the lock switches to privacy mode.
  • The lock can always be opened from the inside (a single action panic feature works in conjunction with the relevant mortise lock).
  • Extreme security through highly resistant, hardened anti-drill plates protecting wires and readers area.
  • Management through ProAccess SPACE making it simple and securing operations from back-of-house to the front desk. Possibility of connection to the software / PMS you already use.



Power source
  • 3 alkaline batteries - LR03 - AAA 1.5V
Calendar & time zone
  • Calendars in system: 256
  • Time tables: 1024
  • Time periods: 1024
  • Maximum events on lock audit: 2200.
  • Non volatile memory (memory is not deleted, even if power fails).


Management software
  • SALTO ProAccess SPACE.
Id technologies
  • Covering the mainstream RFID technologies.
Aelement Fusion specifications