Q&A With Victor Hage, Managing Director of SALTO Systems Middle East

2018-06-27 SALTO Hospitality
Victor Hage SALTO Systems ME

Managing Director of SALTO Systems Middle East Victor Hage is a consummate access control and security professional and manager with a wealth of international experience especially in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. Victor’s expertise includes regional business development, B2B and B2C negotiations, project management and corporate consultancy.

Electronic locks for hospitality are not a one-size-fits-all solution. What does SALTO offer?

There are a wide variety of SALTO electronic locks and supporting devices for hospitality access control. SALTO can provide locking solutions for any size or style of hotel. For example, Ælement is a great choice for 4-star hotel guest rooms and the sleek new Ælement Fusion – which is almost invisible – is a luxurious-looking solution that enhances any décor in 5-star hotels and above. When meeting with those in the hospitality industry, we propose an access control solution that encompasses the entire property including back-of-house solutions that may differ from those needed for guest rooms. We can also provide access control to elevators with wall readers and controllers and we offer solutions for parking lots or common areas with glass doors. Our electronic cylinders, panic bar devices, glass door locks and locker locks are excellent products to address auxiliary areas.

How do these products work together to provide a comprehensive solution?

It’s our goal to provide a seamless experience for the end user and their guests. SALTO has focused on designing a system that offers the hardware and software that delivers a reliable and simple-to-use electronic lock and access control system. SALTO also has a solution for every type of door in any standard, European or American. We have different types of locking devices including escutcheons, wall readers, locker locks, glass door locks, panic devices, and more. Importantly, we have one unique software to manage everything. SALTO’s comprehensive hardware and software solution is one that no one can match in the hospitality industry. Thanks to our initiative in integrating mobile technology into our electronic lock solutions with both our JustIN Mobile application and integration with existing hospitality applications, we offer a comprehensive solution that achieves that seamless experience and so much more.


What is the benefit for a hotel or lodging property to use SALTO Systems products?

Hotels and the hospitality industry are typically open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. What SALTO offers this vertical above all else is reliability: our product never fails. We understand that the hospitality vertical is demanding, therefore we supply products that are dependable and meet that continuous need. Another benefit to choosing SALTO is our commitment to and focus on innovation. SALTO was born out of innovation and was among the first companies to present an RFID solution to the hospitality industry. We then followed that up with a wireless solution. We’re continuing our focus on the future by replacing physical and mechanical keys with mobile application and smartphone use.


Can you name specific benefits for hotel management as it relates to guest rooms, back of house, amenities, etc.?

Hotel management benefits tremendously with a SALTO electronic lock solution. Having one solution for all access control means having less IT work. The staff are trained on one solution – and not several software programs – and with a keyless environment, that means there is no mechanical key management. Plus, by incorporating features like mobile smartphone access to rooms, it improves the guest experience which is always a positive benefit for management.


What are the trends in what hotels in the Middle East are looking for when considering an access control solution?

The two main trends driving the ME market right now are technology (wireless, bluetooth, guest room management system integration) and design (no visible readers or plates on the door and beautifully-designed handles). With the Ælement Fusion, SALTO has the perfect lock that ticks all the boxes for the ME market right now!

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