You secure your property & datacenter with smart electronic access control.

2019-01-30 Security
You secure your property & datacenter with smart electronic access control.

A hotel datacenter or server room holds important hotel and guest data that, if breached, can result in expensive information compromise or significant down time. You secure your guest rooms and property with electronic access control – it’s time to protect your datacenter using the same technology.

Many hotels deploy access control to secure the grounds, buildings and areas within the property. The server rack remains the final point of data vulnerability in the datacenter, so it makes sense to implement the same level of physical security and access control monitoring already established at every other level of entry in the property. SALTO has a solution that protects your datacenter and servers with the same level of security that safeguards your hotel and guests.

The SALTO electronic cylinder lock provides a wire-free, stand-alone electronic access control solution to secure access to server racks in increasingly important and sensitive locations. Compact and easy to install, SALTO electronic cylinders are designed for the protection of cabinet doors such as IT racks or lockers and fit almost any type of swing handle server rack on the market. SALTO’s electronic cylinder lock provides real-time access control to individual cabinet doors in a single-card system, eliminating mechanical master key problems as there is no need to replace cylinders if a key is lost or stolen.

Protect your cabinets and IT racks with your same hotel’s core technology using SALTO’s electronic cylinder lock:

There are multiple regulatory and compliance requirements in many countries that mandate additional layers of responsibility for datacenter managers. In many areas, hotels must limit physical access to information systems, equipment and their respective operating environments only to authorized individuals. SALTO’s electronic cylinder provides this protection and more via these main features and benefits.

Hotel server rack security



  • Simple installation. Designed to install easily on most swing-handle style server racks..
  • Simple to integrate because it works with your new or existing access control system and can be installed on virtually all server cabinets available on the market. No wiring or drilling work required.
  • Protection against burglary, theft and sabotage. Server cabinet and audit-trail monitoring for regulatory compliance.
  • Access monitoring. Full time and profile management (who has access, where and when). Executing policies and security procedures specific to the datacenter.
  • Advanced core technologies: SALTO SVN, BLUEnet Wireless network and JustIN Mobile* capable (*NFC compatible smartphones only).
  • Real-time access control system and user card updating capable (to control exactly who can access the servers, and when).
  • Communication between the carrier, the physical network and the electronic cylinder is encrypted and secured.
  • Battery-operated. Low battery status information is obtained from users’ keycards (SVN) or wirelessly (BLUEnet). Batteries can be replaced without cylinder removal.


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