SALTO Technology Partners like OpenKey enrich Hospitality operations & guest experience

2018-05-04 Technology partners

SALTO Systems understands that to provide the most technologically-advanced electronic locking products we must partner with other leaders in the security industry to develop integrations that deliver a comprehensive solution. An important partnership that SALTO has developed within the hospitality vertical is with OpenKey – the largest mobile key company in the world with hotels in 10 countries on four continents.

How does OpenKey work?

OpenKey is a smart key, also known as a mobile key, which is the latest technology used in the hospitality industry. It allows a guest secure access to their room through the use of Bluetooth technology in both the smartphone and door lock. When a guest makes a reservation, the hotel sends an email invitation to download the OpenKey application which is available for free on both iOS and Android operating systems. Once the app is downloaded, the guest scans in identification (their driver’s license or passport), enabling a front desk bypass. The app is then used to open a guest room door that’s secured with a SALTO electronic lock.

The app doesn’t just open doors, however. Guests can use it to access property Wi-Fi codes and other hotel tasks: request housekeeping and other services, set up Do Not Disturb messages, make calls to the front desk – all directly from within the OpenKey app.

Once a guest has successfully downloaded and used the OpenKey app at one hotel, it can then be used in the future at any hotel using the platform.


How does OpenKey improve the guest experience and increase the hotel property efficiency?

Guests appreciate that a hotel property has made an investment to make the check-in experience seamless. This allows operations and management more time and attention to focus on enhancing the personalized guest experience elsewhere. Important factors in maximizing efficiency are total integration with the SALTO hotel premium lock systems platform and ease of use for the consumer.

How does OpenKey work with SALTO ProAccess SPACE property management?

OpenKey Host, the front desk app, works with SALTO ProAccess SPACE property management system software by eliminating the need for replenishing RFID key cards, improving administrative efficiency, and decreasing group check-in time.


Will mobile key technology be one of the hotel technology trends to expect in 2018?

Yes! The first sign of a smart hotel room is a smart hotel door. As physical key cards are used less and less, expect to see more guests gaining access to a room by using a smartphone with a mobile key. Thanks to companies like OpenKey, and their partnership with SALTO, hotel guests now have the ability to access their room – or fitness area, business center, or swimming pool – through the OpenKey app or the hotel’s own mobile app.

Along with the convenience of not having to carry another card, lost keys, and any associated replacement fees, become a thing of the past. This innovative technology gives guests the option to check-in and access rooms with a smartphone, giving the front desk staff more time to focus on more impactful ways to improve the guest experience.


Take a minute to watch the OpenKey video to learn more about the features and benefits of their product.


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