Q&A with Marta Zubiaurre, Key Account Manager Hospitality SALTO Systems EMEA

2019-02-14 Guest experience
Q&A with Marta Zubiaurre, Key Account Manager Hospitality SALTO Systems EMEA

As Key Account Manager for SALTO Hospitality in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Marta Zubiaurre has a special understanding of the access control hospitality market. Recently, she shared her insight on current and future trends.

What has changed in hotel security in recent years?

Hotel security continues to expand and has become much more comprehensive, particularly as it relates to access control. Managing access to guest rooms remains an important focus as does attention to back-of-house and guest service areas. It’s now essential to provide all-encompassing access control solutions that address the needs of the wide range of applications and operating environments from the most basic guest room door or main entrance to meeting rooms, lockers, datacenters, padlocks for gates, elevator access, emergency exits, pools, spa facilities – the list goes on.

Hotel security has also become about more than just security. It’s now part of the guest experience. The same smartphone application that will let a guest into a hotel room can also be used to check in, check out or plan a future stay.

What new technologies and innovations has SALTO introduced into its product line?

SALTO has long focused on the user experience to develop our electronic access control products and technologies, and we’ve developed some exciting new products that offer the future of access control – advanced technology with functionality and style!

One of our most recent innovations, designed especially for the hospitality industry, is the “almost invisible” Ælement Fusion. Ælement Fusion is a stylish and powerful electronic lock with a sleek reader accentuated by an interactive light ring that illuminates when access credentials are presented, providing a minimalistic design that blends with any hotel décor. The Ælement Fusion is compatible with RFID, NFC, and Bluetooth technologies that integrate seamlessly with mobile applications including SALTO’s JustIN Mobile application.

How important is mobile access in hospitality?

Mobile access control is the future of hospitality security technology – no matter how big or small the property – because it gives management the ability to quickly make changes, and it reduces costs associated with replacing access cards and keys. Plus, it enhances the guest experience we were just talking about!.

A mobile app like SALTO’s JustIN Mobile permits staff and guests to access a digital key to open any hotel door equipped with an electronic lock. Authorized system administrators can issue or revoke digital keys over-the-air to user smartphones via encrypted data transmission. Each credential is unique to each mobile device, so they cannot be copied or duplicated.

If your hotel or lodging property is in the market for an access control solution, be sure to ask about how the product enhances the guest experience as well as what mobile solutions are offered. Those are two important areas that must be a part of any new access control solution.


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