How can your Hotel significantly improve the Guest Experience? Going keyless with JustIN Mobile App

2018-03-08 Guest experience

With the JustIN Mobile application, SALTO Systems has created an app that allows guests the power to manage many aspects of a hotel stay right from their smartphone. With JustIN Mobile, guests can avoid lines at the front desk and check in directly; replace a physical room key with a smartphone by presenting the phone to the electronic lock on the door; access elevators; change rooms; and even check out.

JustIN Mobile also improves operations and management – important factors that contribute to a positive guest experience – by minimizing the expense due to lost and replaced keys and positioning the property as a technologically advanced “smart hotel.”

By using JustIN Mobile in conjunction with SALTO’s vast line of stylish electronic locks and handles, the solution can enhance any hotel décor. SALTO’s newest evolution in lock engineering – the Ælement Fusion – is virtually invisible with a sleek round reader that eliminates lock hardware on the door by encasing all electronic components inside the door itself. Paired with JustIN Mobile, the Ælement Fusion offers an elegant, yet cutting-edge, access control solution for any type of hospitality property.

The technology that powers JustIN Mobile is simple, yet sophisticated. JustIN Mobile replaces the need for a physical access card by securely sending a room key “Over the Air” (OTA) from SALTO’s ProAccess SPACE management software to a registered and verified iOS or Android device. The phone then uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to send a signal to the door’s electronic locks. If the phone is lost or stolen, access can immediately be updated via ProAccess SPACE.

JustIN Mobile communicates securely via the Cloud, which is what enables hotel guests to receive their room key online, anytime and anywhere. JustIN Mobile is completely secure as keys cannot be duplicated, unlike mechanical keys or some low-security RFID technologies. The encrypted data transfer uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) AES 128-bit encryption opening procedures to ensure a secure transmission.

As you evaluate how you can enhance the guest experience, be sure to include implementing the use of a smartphone application like JustIN Mobile. This time-saving, customer-focused effort will improve your operations and bottom line.

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