SALTO Integrations give your Hotel Access Control management endless possibilities

2018-05-23 Technology partners
SALTO Integrations give your Hotel Access Control management endless possibilities (API / SDK)

At SALTO Systems, we’ve always invested in research and development to continually refine and improve our products and one of the key areas that we devote a lot of time and energy into is in developing integrations with other technology partners to combine and incorporate their services, increasing efficiency at a managerial level and optimising security for your premises.

As a large manufacturer of RFID & Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled electronic locks for hospitality rooms and facilities, it’s necessary to work closely with other guest room, building & hospitality management systems software developers to cover every corner of the access control spectrum - from back-of-house organisation to guest room management - and hotel operations needs.

Hotels operators can, of course, always use the SALTO access control and front desk management programs and software applications like ProAccess SPACE and the JustIN Mobile app that are specifically developed to work natively with SALTO stand-alone electronic hotel locks.

However, many hotels and lodging facilities have an existing program they might prefer to integrate with SALTO locks to allow guests to use their own app as a digital key, driving the opportunity for their hotel clients to benefit from a superior guest experience, whether by offering mobile guest Check-in & Check-out functionalities or additional guest self-services (vending, bike rentals, room service, spa & wellness…), for example.



SALTO has developed an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows third-party applications to easily operate and manage SALTO RFID & BLE electronic locks. By providing an API, SALTO is giving the hotel system integrator all of the flexibility in developing their own application that best fits their ecosystem. This also provides the hotel system integrator full control over their Cloud management and business strategies.



When the SALTO integrations team receives a request to evaluate how the respective technologies can work together, SALTO sends a Software Development Kit (SDK) for JustIN Mobile and the groups work together to integrate the API. This process gives SALTO and our colleagues in the security industry an opportunity to work together and elevate the solution for our end users.

SALTO understands that hotels may have preferred software and management systems. By working together with a variety of PMS (Property Management System), room management systems (RMS), check-in solutions, elevators access management or complete building management systems (BAS) solutions our developers can create a seamless solution that leverages universal technology, resulting in a better guest experience and smoother hotel operations.


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