Goodbye 2020 – Welcome 2021! Happy holidays from team SALTO Hospitality

2020-12-23 Guest experience
Goodbye 2020 – Welcome 2021! Happy holidays from team SALTO Hospitality

It goes without saying that 2020 was a difficult year. The global COVID-19 pandemic affected almost every person – and business – in some way. We are grateful that things look promising for 2021. Although we had to deal with the difficulties of the pandemic, all the more reason for us to say thank you: for the trusting partnership, for the exciting projects, and for the great results.

In response to the demand for more contactless and smart access solutions, SALTO incorporated a variety of technologies that benefit the hospitality sector in particular to help our users maximize our electronic locks and management solutions. SALTO is compatible with many technology partners to deliver automated and mobile solutions that allow guests to control when and how they check-in. This maximizes the digital experience with a future-proof next-generation smart door lock solution that adds a touch of sophistication and security to any hotel environment. Automated services and self-service technologies in times of social distancing and integrating self-check-in technology into service operations has helped address some of the issues around staff safety and new guest access to help practice effective social distancing.

SALTO received renowned recognition for both our products and our company in 2020. SALTO achieved our goal of becoming 100% carbon neutral for our factory headquarters and across all operations, a major step in making keyless smart access technology sustainable. The achievement and our commitment to helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a great honor for SALTO as one of our primary missions is to deliver electronic access control in an environmentally-responsible manner.

The SALTO MyLock Configurator was awarded a 2020 Architects’ Darling Award which is judged by a jury of communication experts and renowned representatives of top international architecture companies and specifiers. The SALTO MyLock Configurator allows you to customize your SALTO electronic door lock by choosing your door type, finish, handle design, and lockset finish to give you the look and feel of your next project as you plan it.

Preparing for future growth means committing to the digital transformation. More specifically, it means leveraging the cloud. Our technological expertise has brought SALTO to leading positions in both cloud-based access control technology and mobile access solutions. Transformation will give hotel brands the tools they need for future success: insight to provide full control of who can access what, when, and where within the entire property; efficiency to adapt and scale; and a platform to innovate and stand out.

Finally, in 2020 SALTO acquired Gantner, an Austrian company that specializes in access systems, electronic locking and locker systems, cashless payment, cash register and billing systems, and staff time recording systems, as well as ticketing and management software for leisure facilities. The addition of Gantner to the SALTO portfolio offers a very bright future for our ability to continue to deliver the absolute best in electronic access control solutions.

With a combined workforce of 1,200 employees in 40 countries, including more than 230 dedicated to R&D, a turnover of €260 million and over a million access points delivered each year, the combined group of SALTO and Gantner consolidates our position as a global leader in electronic access control.

We wish you happy holidays, a great start to 2021, and are looking forward to shaping the next year together with you.


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