Service at a distance — Automatic check-in with or without API integrations to other systems.

2020-08-21 COVID-19
Service at a distance Automatic check-in API integrations digital key

Covid-19 is accelerating the adoption of digital of automation in the hotel industry. The Corona crisis is not so much disruptive when it comes to digitization the hospitality operations and guest experience. Its impact has immediately become visible in hospitality technology, varying from automatic check-in solutions to digital key. To reduce the spread of germs in hotels is to give guests the option of automatic check-in, to deliver contactless service – including touch-less check-in and check-out – and ongoing help as needed. SALTO is compatible with many self-check-in kiosks and technology partners to deliver automation solutions that allow guests to control when and how they check-in. Automated services and self-service technologies in times of social distancing and integrating self-check-in technology into service operations helps address some of the issues around staff safety and new guest access to help practice effective social distancing. With sanitation now more of a priority than ever for hotels, we could see further investment in this type of technology after Covid-19. At the same time, automation does not necessarily result in the elimination of human roles, but rather, the shifting of resources to other areas.

Delivering multichannel self-service, automatic check-in and digital key is the future in the hotel industry. Major hotel chains are transitioning to “digital keys” and has introduced contactless check-in and check-outs which allow you to check-in and out (and pay your bill) via your mobile phone.

Service at a distance — Automatic check-in with or without API integrations to other systems

SALTO technology partnership examples with Roomatik, Hotel Bird, Myra, Nonius, Ariane, and StayNtouch solutions are fully compatible and integrated with SALTO’s hospitality platform, ProAccess SPACE front-desk management software. The SALTO platform can also be connected to an existing PMS or Channel Manager. Smart check-in kiosks are suitable for any SALTO installation and are compatible with any existing room key technology.

SALTO Hospitality solutions – together with trusted technology partners – are about bringing better security and usability to both guests and hotel operators. Guests gain convenience without sacrificing security and facility managers distinguish their property with cost-effective solutions that clients truly value.


COVID-19 and Hospitality Challenge: Re-define your hotel technology and guest experience.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we conduct business and perhaps no other industry has been impacted as significantly as the hospitality industry. SALTO Systems has a variety of methods to help hospitality improve hygiene with solutions like automatic check-in and mobile access and the inclusion of antimicrobial technology into the surface of our locks and products.

Moving forward post-COVID-19, hotels and lodging will have to make many adjustments to try to adapt their properties to the new security and hygienic requirements. Guests will never see some of the biggest changes happening in the hotel industry, which begin with digitalization, stringent employee safety and sanitation training.SALTO’s commitment to collaborate with the hospitality industry, our work with leading integration partners, and our commitment to technology mean we are well equipped to help the hospitality industry comply with their commitment to providing a healthy and safe environment for their guests.

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COVID-19 and Hospitality Challenge. Re-define your hotel technology and guest experience.|Read moreRead more