BioCote — Cleaning & sanitation reduces the risks when using an access point.

2020-07-28 COVID-19
BioCote — Cleaning & sanitation reduces the risks when using an access point.

Practising social distancing and upholding hygiene levels are being prioritized more than ever before in Hospitality. The surface area exposure we encounter from the mundane task of opening a door can be the factor which puts us at risk. With smart locks, one could drastically reduce this risk by using Mobile Key and remote check-in, for instance. Now, we dive into a new layer of protection - BioCote® antimicrobial coated technology.

For nearly a decade, SALTO, in partnership with BioCote® – the market-leading antimicrobial technology supplier – has incorporated antimicrobial silver ion technology in its smart electronic lock range, electronic cylinders, locker locks, and supporting devices like wall readers. The addition of BioCote’s antimicrobial technology helps reduce microbes on product surfaces and improves hygienic building environments and ultimately creates a cleaner environment for both hotel employees and guests. SALTO locks with BioCote® have very positive implications for an important market like hospitality as it can reduce the spread of germs in a variety of locations within a property.

BioCote® is an antimicrobial agent that contains silver-ions which are engineered to provide continuous, built-in protection on SALTO product surfaces and hardware devices like the XS4 smart door lock range, electronic cylinders, locker locks, or wall readers. It works by binding with microbes and damaging their cells in a number of ways, disrupting their normal functions and preventing them from reproducing.

The finish of BioCote®-treated smart door lock hardware differs slightly from that of standard-finish escutcheons due to the mix of lacquer and silver ion particles. Within wall readers, locker locks, and lock readers, it is invisible. The finish is long-lasting and maintains its antimicrobial performance well over the expected lifetime of the escutcheon.

SALTO BioCote antimicrobial coating

By introducing BioCote® antimicrobial technology, SALTO helps to support a cleaner, and more hygienic environment. This is of particular importance in any public or shared space setting by improving the hygiene of common touchpoints and helping to prevent cross-contamination of microbes.

Download the white paper to learn more about the use of BioCote® antimicrobial technology by clicking here.

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