SALTO and AeroGuest Partner to Maximize the Hospitality Digital Touch-free Guest Experience

2020-10-21 Technology partners
SALTO Systems has joined forces with AeroGuest to deliver a seamless digital guest experience through next-level mobile hospitality

The key to business continuity for the hospitality industry and hotel operators lies in the digital and smarter control of properties, driven by the convergence of information, automation and hotel management plus mobile and IoT technologies for daily operations and guest more secure and safer stay by streamlining their operations.

The partnership with AeroGuest improves the guest and hospitality management experience by delivering a variety of complete digital mobile platforms to any type of property by integrating a seamless digital guest experience through next level mobile hospitality. With SALTO smart locking solutions for Hospitality and AeroGuest, before a stay, guests can check-in via the web, choose a room, and secure payment. During their stay, the platform provides a digital key, chat communication, and content experiences. After their stay, guests can use AeroGuest to check-out, join a hotel loyalty program, or rebook a stay. AeroGuest user-friendly mobile solution and SALTO smart keyless access technology ensure an exceptional guest experience and provide new revenue streams for the hotel.

The SALTO-AeroGuest integration allows the AeroGuest platform to control and manage any SALTO electronic lock on the hotel property - guest rooms, back-of-house, main entrances, permetral access doors and specialty areas like gyms, spas, parking garages, and more. SALTO has long delivered a variety of access control solutions for hospitality that pack a powerful technological punch - such as integrating with companies like AeroGuest to maximize the digital experience with a future-proof next-generation door lock smart solutions that adds a touch of sophistication and security to any hotel environment. SALTO electronic locks are housed in a durable yet aesthetically-pleasing sleek and elegant customizable design that matches any hotel decor.

SALTO and AeroGuest Partner to Maximize the Hospitality Digital Touch-free Guest Experience


AeroGuest Mobile Hospitality Solution Features:

SALTO and AeroGuest Partner to Maximize the Hospitality Digital Touch-free Guest Experience


Remote and digital check-in:

  • Choose Room (revenue - Boutique Hotel)
  • Payment
  • Passport scanning
  • Sign terms of stay (Fingerprint sign - user authentication)
  • Face recognition double recognition mobile and passport data

Safe and digital guest experience during stay:

  • 24-hour service
  • Advance Chat Communication
  • Content Experiences
  • SMS/Text Messaging
  • Business intelligence from the PMS

Keyless and mobile access technology:

  • Mobile Key - Guest Room (Guest entrance confirmation real-time)
  • Mobile Key - Guest Services Door (Locker Locks)
  • Dynamic key delivery / Room upgrade (Re-Rooming)
  • Digital key and physical key delivery same time
  • Get the physical smart room key in less than a minute.
  • Possibility of issuing more than one card. A copy for a family member, for example.

Hotel operation and management:

  • Remote Check-out (Invoicing Link PMS)
  • Join Hotel Loyalty Program
  • Direct Booking (wallet concept)

The partnership also delivers timely solutions that can help hotels in a post-pandemic society by reducing and oftentimes eliminating personal interaction for guests and hotel employees. With touch-free check-in and check-out, SALTO and AeroGuest can help keep employees and guests safe and socially distanced during the COVID-19 pandemic or for any future threats that might arise.

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