SALTO adds popular XS4 Mini to MyLock online door customization tool

2018-04-04 SALTO Hospitality
XS4 Mini ANSI MyLock

SALTO has added the XS4 Mini ANSI lock to SALTO MyLock customization tool – allowing users to choose and see potential door configurations before purchasing. MyLock by SALTO is a unique interactive online tool that allows users to create a customized door and personalize options. Users can select a SALTO electronic lock model, door type, and choose from a broad range of colors, finishes, handles, and functions.

The popular new XS4 Mini ANSI is a compact, easy-to-install escutcheon that makes it simple for security professionals to upgrade security and replace mechanical key-operated door locks with the latest electronic access control solution in a wide range of customer applications. Its top-quality zinc alloy construction and Mifare-DESFire and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technologies allow it to work with conventional smartcards and with SALTO’s JustinIN Mobile application. The XS4 Mini ANSI is also engineered for use with SALTO’s latest technological innovation – SALTO BLUEnet, an application that facilitates electronic lock use in a wireless infrastructure.

Power for the XS4 Mini ANSI is supplied via three AA batteries, with battery life good for up to three years of normal operation. When batteries run low, the XS4 Mini has audible and visual indicators. Batteries can be replaced effortlessly within minutes.


Customize your SALTO XS4 Mini door lock:,11,44,111,74,71,91


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