Die Zutrittslösungen von SALTO bestechen durch einfache Bedienung, Effizienz, Langlebigkeit und Sicherheit. Sie heben sich aber durch noch einen Punkt von herkömmlichen Hotelschließsystemen ab: Sie lassen sich mit Drittanbietern kombinieren und integrieren, wodurch Hotels Prozesse noch besser optimieren und damit den Hotelbetrieb noch effizienter gestalten können.

Zu den kompatiblen Systemen gehören alle relevanten Property Management Systeme (PMS), die führenden Hotel-Service-Apps, Kartenausgabeautomaten, Check-in-Systeme, Kassenabrechnungssysteme, Raummanagementsysteme sowie unterschiedlichste Sicherheits- und Gebäudemanagementsysteme.



Durch die Partnerschaften von SALTO mit Anbietern von Hotel-Service-Apps entstehen ganzheitliche mobile Angebote für Hotelgäste, vom Check-in über Reiseinformationen und Online-Buchungen bis hin zu mobilen Schlüsseln. Hoteliers profitieren von den jeweiligen Stärken der Partner und können ihren Gästen eine ganz neue Form der Gastfreundschaft entgegenbringen: mobil, komfortabel und sicher.

MediaConcepts is an innovative provider of integrated digital solutions that help global hospitality organisations elevate their guest experience and optimise revenue. By combining years of industry knowledge, user experience expertise, technological know-how, and a robust suite of web-based applications, MediaConcepts enables its clients to create emotional connections that drive engagement, booking conversion and loyalty.

MediaConcepts, has integrated its mobile application, Priscilla, with SALTO System's access control system.

Already a feature-rich application that offers hotel guests a more intuitive way to access information and services throughout their stay, Priscilla's latest integration allows guests to use their smartphone to gain access to their rooms fitted with SALTO's Bluetooth Low Energy enabled electronic escutcheons.

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INTELITY is a cloud-based guest experience and management platform for hotels, casinos and residential properties. INTELITY delivers a friction-free personalized guest experience while creating new operational efficiencies and driving additional revenue opportunities for property owners. Guests can conveniently access a directory of services – dining, entertainment, third-party content and more – through an in-room tablet or custom mobile application.

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The KeezApp platform provides a range of solutions for any property that hosts guests, and is able to integrate with most PMS (Property Management Systems) on the market. Guests are able to check in from anywhere, receiving a virtual key straight to their smart phone and getting an alert when their room is ready for occupation. The front desk is then alerted when the guest has used the mobile key to enter their room. The virtual key can also be used to access all permitted areas of the hotel during their stay and when the time comes to check out, guests can again use KeezApp removing the need to queue at reception.

Additional tools include live chat with front desk. This provides a better, more efficient way for guests to talk and interact with the front desk whether they are in the hotel or out and about. Guests can choose different departments to contact such as reception, concierge, housekeeping or room service depending on their needs.

KeezApp implemented JustIN Mobile key access technology, interfaced with the SALTO front desk management software ProAccess SPACE. SALTO Hospitality add-ons include functionalities such as mobile keys (BLE), group check-in, real-time re-rooming and real-time extended stay. These plus other key hotel features make it easy to control all the standalone, wireless and online guest rooms and back-of-house doors from different front desk workstations.

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Dank automatisierter Check-in-Lösungen können Gäste in Hotels ein- und auschecken, wenn es ihnen zeitlich passt und müssen nicht zu bestimmten Zeiten eintreffen. Mit der Integration führender Anbieter solcher Lösungen mit dem elektronischen Hotelschließsystem von SALTO können auch Keycards in dieses Konzept eingebunden werden.

Nonius has more than a decade experience in the design, development and delivery of products and services for the hospitality industry. Its products can be found in more than 300,000 hotel rooms worldwide – in Hotels of the most renowned international chains and several of the most emblematic and recognized independent hotels. With 10 delegations in EMEA and Americas and an extensive service partners network, Nonius is equipped to serve both the global hospitality brands and local chains.

The products comprise: Guest Internet Access (GIA | WI-FI), CAST (Support for Chromecast), TV & Headend (Interactive | IPTV | COAX), Digital Signage, Voice (IP | Analog), Mobile Apps, Guest Content (TV Channels & Movies), Check-in automation, marketing and unlocking the power of data (B-Guest). Cloud or on-premise, all products are open platforms designed to integrate between them and with 3rd party products.

Nonius is certified according to ISO 9001.

Roommatik offers a comprehensive range of self check-in machines for all types of accomodation facilities. Roommatik solution is fully compatible and integrated with the SALTO Hospitality platform: ProAccess SPACE front-desk management software. The Roommatik and SALTO integration make it possible to completely automate the check-in process, meeting all country-specific legal requirements. Many actions are now available from within the integration: retrieve reservation data, scan the guest’s ID documents, sign the registration form, accept credit card or cash payment, and issue the room key.

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StayNTouch is a “Software as a Service” hotel property management systems (PMS) company focused on developing solutions that help hotels raise service levels, drive revenues, decrease costs, and ultimately change the way hotels can engage with their guests.

StayNTouch together with SALTO Hospitality solutions enables hotels to create long lasting relationships with their guests by delivering personalized service levels that today’s guests require both on property and via a mobile solution built within the platform. StayNTouch operates on tablets thus empowering hotel employees to go above and beyond in delivering services and products to their guests.



Property Management Systeme (PMS) bilden das Rückgrat eines Hotels, indem sie nahezu alle Prozesse der Rezeption und Verwaltung miteinander verbinden und koordinieren. Mit einer Schnittstelle zum PMS können Hoteliers dann auch ihr SALTO Hotelschließsystem in diese Prozesse einbeziehen. Auf diese Weise erhalten sie aufeinander abgestimmte Reservierungen, Check-ins, Zutrittsberechtigungen, Check-outs und Rechnungsstellung - ohne Medien- und Systembruch.

SALTO Systems, Gold level member of the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), is honoured to have achieved validated integration with Oracle Hospitality OPERA PMS. This is an exciting and significant accomplishment that helps us deliver even better hospitality solutions. By joining the OPN at Gold Level Status, SALTO further strengthens our capability to provide feature-rich integrated access control that improves the guest experience, overall hotel management, and operations.

As a Gold level partner, Oracle is officially recognizing and validating – with great confidence – that the SALTO-Oracle integration is functionally sound and performs as designed. The solution therefore should help hospitality customers reduce deployment risk, lower total cost of ownership, and improve the user experience.

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Raummanagementsysteme (RMS) sind Teil des Gebäudemanagements und zielen darauf, auf Basis der Nutzungsgewohnheiten der Gäste die optimale Balance aus Komfort und Effizienz zu erreichen. Das betrifft u.a. die Optimierung des Energieverbrauchs oder die passende Einstellung des Lichts. SALTO hat sein elektronisches Hotelschließsystem mit einigen der führenden Anbieter von RMS integriert für die Bereitstellung umfassender Automatisierungslösungen.

Telkonet is the leader in intelligent automation, occupancy-based energy management and IoT technology. Founded in 1999, Telkonet has successfully deployed over 600,000 devices across more than 3,000 properties.

The EcoTouch wireless thermostat with internal occupancy detection offers a flexible state-of-the-art energy savings solution with a sleek, updated, ultra-thin and modern design. Provide your guest with an inviting welcome scene with a Telkonet wireless energy-saving device and a SALTO electronic wireless lock. As soon as your guest checks in, the PMS alerts the EcoSmart system, and a sold profile based on the property's desired settings, will be activated in the guest room. When the guest checks out, the room will default to an unsold profile delivering more energy savings.

EcoSmart technology integrates seamlessly with SALTO electronic locking solutions to help create welcome scenes that include entry locks, lighting, motorized shades and power outlets controlling the TV and lamps and more.

SALTO is now integrated with Minxon RMS (Room Management System), that permits to control lights, air conditioning, curtains,….

You can use the existing RMS network to connect SALTO Wireless electronic locks and have a realtime online system reducing the costs of installation and giving to the guest a greater experience at the same time you make your hotel much more eficient.


INTEREL is North America’s fastest growing room-control provider. With a platform that can be modified for specific needs, INTEREL puts hotels in charge of the room-control experience by providing solutions that range from low-cost, networked thermostats with industry standard energy management all the way to complete luxury guest-room automation for lights, drapery, guest services, and more. INTEREL is deployed in more than 30 countries and used by more than 20 million guests and has offices in Dubai, Las Vegas, Singapore, Munich, and Milan.

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Für die komplett integrierte Sicherheit von Gebäuden und Liegenschaften kommen Sicherheitsmanagementsysteme zum Einsatz. Diese verbinden unterschiedliche sicherheitstechnische Gewerke - Zutrittskontrolle, Videoüberwachung, Brandmeldung, Einbruchmeldung, Evakuierung etc. - unter einer Oberfläche und mit einheitlichen Prozessen. SALTO ist hier mit den führenden Systemen kompatibel und somit Teil einer ganzheitlichen Sicherheitsarchitektur, die Hoteliers eine übersichtliche Bedienung sowie sicherere und effizientere Prozesse beschert.

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